Paralegals, legal assistants, and other office staff have different duties at Anderson Law and are more than likely working with and assisting your attorney on your claim or matter. On numerous occasions, I’ve heard directly from our clients, questions such as, why am I talking to a legal assistant instead of my attorney? I am here to provide you with some information that I truly hope will enlighten your perception to any legal staff members working alongside an attorney.

It is very common for an attorney to work in conjunction with other staff members including paralegals, legal assistants, receptionists, and a bookkeeper. Each staff member plays a very important role in the process of preparing your claim for settlement and trial. From the person that answers the telephone to the person who is gathering and preparing your medical records, we are working together to provide you excellent representation. Just like any team, each individual hold a vital role in the process of “law prep work”.

At Anderson Law, we take pride in efficient case management with a special focus on client satisfaction. In our office, you will find several compassionate advocates waiting to assist you and answer your questions. Although you will often speak with a trained paralegal or legal assistant, your case is always being supervised by a knowledgeable, licensed attorney. As paralegals and legal assistants, we are here to assist you with each task that does not require a law license. Our many duties include contacting witnesses, taking pictures at the scene of the car accident, assisting attorneys during the litigation process, contacting medical providers, reviewing and tracking medical bills, working with the insurance company, scheduling depositions, and providing you with updates on the progress of your claim.

The main benefit is that even when your attorney is in a deposition or at court, we are here to help. Please call us with any questions about your claim or potential claim at (509) 987-1777. We recently moved and are conveniently located at 5861 West Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick. The next time you call us and speak to a paralegal or legal assistant, you will be reassured that you are with a team of individuals working diligently on your claim.

Lily Avalos, Paralegal


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