At Anderson Law, we’re always looking for ways we can serve in the Tri-Cities and the extended community. As we’ve posted in the past, we’ve donated time and money to Second Harvest, Habitat for Humanity, Soul Soup, Benton Franklin Legal Aid, the Arc of Tri-Cities, the new Union Gospel Mission facility in Pasco (pictured below) and several other non-profit organizations. Some people ask why we do it, and here is some of our reasoning.

Volunteering with a local charity is important to us because it has the power to positively impact your community and benefit people that we cross paths with every day. It provides essential help and meaning to people in need. We donate money, too, but most charitable organizations rely heavily on individual and group service opportunities because they do not have the funds to pay for part- or full-time staff. Of course, to us, the benefit of helping others in our community is clear and easy to see. Whether it’s serving lunch to those in need at a soup kitchen or throwing a Halloween party for people who are unable to live on their own, without assistance, the benefit to us and to the recipient is more than just the joy shared through a smile or a simple “thank you”. We feel it deeply and struggle to express how tremendously important it is to us.

Serving lunch at the Union Gospel Mission.

That said, here are some specific reasons why each of us at Anderson Law enjoy volunteering and how we benefit from it:

  • I like it because it takes me out of my comfort zone and I can learn new things, like laying down sod!
  • I like to give back to the community as well as meeting new people and learning to do new things.
  • Helping others is good for the souls of all involved.
  • I like seeing new smiles. And I got to serve dessert, fun!
  • Our lives are soooo good. Maybe we can share some of the happiness and love we feel with those who are not in the place they want to be.
  • I love SEEING the people we serve. So many are not “seen” on a regular basis that it brings me joy to be able to say ‘I see you.’
  • It makes me happy and it helps me stay humble.
  • It always reminds me that we all need help at some point in our lives.

If you are considering volunteering, ask yourself a few questions first: what causes are you passionate about that you can stand behind? do you want a one-time-only experience or a regular volunteering opportunity? what are some skills that you have to offer? and, what are some skills that you would hope to learn? You’ll do great with whatever you set your mind to do. Just don’t forget to have fun along the way!


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