Hot Coffee Burns, Tapwater Doesn’t

I drink water. Whether I am running, eating out at a restaurant, or enjoying dinner at home, I drink water. Usually from the tap. It’s not that I don’t occasionally enjoy a smoothie, or a sports drink, or sometimes even a carbonated beverage, I just really like water. But I have some friends who do what they can to avoid drinking water. One drinks two liters of Coke a day. Another drinks eight glasses of milk. Yet another drinks four cups of coffee. Scalding, burning hot coffee.


Put Down Your Oatmeal and Drive

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was riding to school in the 1980’s with a man, who, for purposes of this post, I will call my dad. He was steering the car with his knee while shaving and eating oatmeal out of a mug. It was magical multitasking, before the word became part of our everyday vernacular. To this day I wonder how he was so talented. And why he has never been in an accident.

Fast forward to a future where road signs and public campaigns encourage us to avoid specific distractions like texting while driving...