Two lawyers making tents

Trekker tent in the Enchantments

Have you heard that one about the two lawyers making tents? Neither have I. In fact, I just checked the most popular search engine of 2022, and they don’t have a single joke about two lawyers making tents.

I found jokes from movies and TV shows and just plain good lawyer jokes (like the one about the crime scene blood test being both good news and bad news).

Truth be told, the tentmaking is not a joke. It’s the cold, hard truth. Two personal injury lawyers in Kennewick, Washington, set about to make affordable tents about five years ago and they called their shop River Country Products, a Kennewick-based business which has sold thousands of high-quality trekking pole tents to happy hikers and campers across the United States. Those two lawyers are Ned Stratton and Brian Anderson. (pictures coming)

Five years later they are attempting the impossible: they started a new venture with Life in a Pack to create an affordable backpack that has all of the essential gear for people to enjoy the outdoors and look for adventure on a whim. They saw a need across the country that was magnified during the Covid pandemic. This need was the need for the adventure, excitement, and relaxation that comes from enjoying the outdoors and knowing how to thrive in almost any condition or circumstance.

The fact is, this is a skill that they have been practicing for years with their personal injury clients. When someone has been injured by the negligence of another, part of the recovery process is learning how to thrive under a new set of circumstances and developing the belief that those circumstances don’t have to be fixed or unchangeable.

To learn more, check them out on their websites at Life in a Pack or River Country Products.

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