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Pasco, WA

An injury can be devastating. Medical bills just add weight to your regular bills. Often, there is no way to earn a pay check through all the pain, so the debt just keeps growing. The worst part is that the accident leading to the injury wasn’t your fault.  This is the time when you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you navigate through this physically and mentally challenging time in your life. Call the leaders in personal injury law at Anderson Law for a free consultation. Anderson Law will get the compensation you deserve for your accident and help you move beyond the accident that has changed your life.

At Anderson Law, we understand the stress and accident causes, whether it is a car crash, accident at work, or a dog bite. We will make sure an attorney (and not a paralegal) will meet and help guide you through this trying time and evaluate your case. We will take away the stress of your accident by handling your case, as well as insurance companies, from beginning to end. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your rights are being protected by experienced lawyers and there is someone working tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Anderson Law handles cases in the following areas:

 Car accidents
 Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
 Wrongful death 
 Truck accidents
• Boating accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Insurance bad faith and IFCA claims
• Pedestrian injuries
• Other serious injuries

Come see us at Anderson law to receive a free consultation and get the compensation you deserve for your injury. Find out if filing suit at the Franklin County Courthouse on 4th Avenue in Pasco is right for your case. Remember, if we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid.

Pasco Personal Injury Lawyers with Experience

Brian Anderson has been practicing law in the Pasco, Washington, area for the past fourteen years and has a practice dedicated to personal injury cases. Because of this, he understands the difference between a Franklin County jury and a Benton County jury and how that can effect settlement negotiations. Ned Stratton, Candelaria Murillo, and Michael Quillen are partners at Anderson Law and fellow personal injury lawyers. If you have been injured in Pasco, Washington, Anderson Law has the needed experience and expertise to assist you.

We are dedicated to your case and will work tirelessly to insure that your interests and expectations are met. With Anderson Law you will also find a warm and compassionate atmosphere missing in many law offices. And when you are done, you’ll be closer to understanding how taking a walk through Sacajawea State Park in Pasco can help with your recovery.

Learning about the expedition of Lewis and Clark through the experiences of Sacajawea at the 284-acre state park at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers can help take your mind off the inherent stress of an accident claim. Or, if it’s in season, you can buy some of the freshest in local produce at the Pasco Farmers Market, one of the largest outdoor community farmers’ markets in Washington, offering a wide variety of locally-grown fruits and vegetables.