Throwing money at education.

Tri-Cities Scholarships

Anderson Law is committed to giving back in as many ways as possible, including awarding scholarships annually to high school students in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas who are seeking higher education.

There’s just one small problem: we need applicants to click right here and fill out one of the easiest applications you’ll find.

Commitment to Higher Education

We’ve been committed to higher education for many years, and we have demonstrated this through internships, scholarships, educational reimbursement, flex time, and just good, old-fashioned support and encouragement. For the most part, this has been well received and has served its primary purpose, which is the development of the individual. Some of our interns have actually decided, against our advice, that they want to be lawyers!

The reality is, those who receive higher education gain a greater ability to support themselves and their families and in turn help lift the community in which they live. This is true even as higher education trends away from a 4-year degree and toward alternative degrees and trade schools. In the Tri-Cities, this is evident with increased certificate and associate offerings available through Columbia Basin College in Pasco.

Money is Only Half the Battle

A lot of different institutions are handing out money for education, but that’s only half the battle. In fact, some students, like those at Sunnyside High School, have so many scholarship opportunities it’s almost obscene. Even at schools like Southridge where the options are limited, many scholarship funds fail to be distributed for lack of applicants.

And that’s partially because giving away money is only half the battle and is not as easy as me throwing cash into the air. Perhaps more students would apply for scholarships if they knew what they wanted to do after high school. But even if they know what they want to do, other obstacles might be in their way, like fear of the unknown, or limited enrollment opportunities, or family responsibilities. It helps to identify the obstacles so they can be overcome.

Apply Now!

Whether or not you or your teen student knows what they want to do after high school, it’s a great idea to just apply now. Submitting an application will help you or your teen formulate a plan and turn a dream into reality. It’s a small thing, but just like the rudder of a ship, it can steer you in the right direction with a little effort.

If you have any questions, just contact us, we’re glad to help!

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