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At Anderson Law we understand that the legal process can be complicated and confusing. I mean, what do the words “legal process” even mean? We want you to give you an idea of what your case will look like in general, and more specifically how we at Anderson Law work. Hopefully this page will help you understand what is expected of you, and what steps you, and the employees at Anderson Law will take over the lifetime of your case.

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So you’ve just been in an accident, or suffered an injury at work, or been bitten by dog, and it was definitely not your fault. After all, you didn’t chase that dog. You have insurance, but perhaps they aren’t willing to pay, or tell you that they won’t pay enough to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. What do you do? 

This is where you want to take advantage of a free Legal Consultation. Most law firms offer a legal consultation for free, and Anderson Law is no exception. We won’t get payed unless we win or settle your case. When you come to the legal consultation at Anderson Law you will almost always speak with an attorney who can help you understand what your best options are and what steps you should take. It is not always necessary to involve an attorney to get compensation for your injuries. We always want to help you with your case, but we can not take every case that is presented to us. Sometimes we will refer you to a different law firm that is better suited to your needs. Either way a free legal consultation can help you get back on your feet.