Running For Health

A couple of years ago, our law firm started sponsoring the Dog Lake Marathon (and Half) near White Pass, Washington. Each year we volunteer, donate some money, and members of the firm run either the full or half marathon. Occasionally people ask what running has to do with our law practice.

I was pulled over for what?

A friend recently told me he was surprised that he was pulled over for driving too long in the left lane of a multi-lane highway. He suggested maybe he was really pulled over because he was driving a new Suburban. It certainly wasn’t because he was driving a red car. According to, Read more…

Trial Diary – The Jury Breaks the Law

Last week we went to trial and spent the better part of two days showing a jury how our client was injured, how he has not fully recovered, and why he deserved to be compensated for his injuries. The jury was attentive and courteous. They were educated and thoughtful. They deliberated for nearly two hours. Then they broke the law.