The Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, & Richland, Washington) is one of the safest places to drive in the country. In fact, in a recent article by MSN Money, no city in Washington state was listed in the top ten most dangerous places to drive. Washington, D.C., however, topped that list. Next time you visit the capital, remember that you are twice as likely to get into a car accident in comparison to the national average.
According to 2009 Census information, Washington state is among the safest of states to drive in with less than one car-accident-related death per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. If you are a Washington resident, you will likely benefit from lower rates if you purchase insurance from a Washington-based insurance company.
Benton and Franklin counties are average for the state with approximately 1.5 collisions per million vehicle miles. Out of the Tri-Cities, Pasco is the safest city with only 11.84 collisions per 1,000 people. If you are truly concerned about vehicle safety but you don’t want to leave the state, you may want to move to Twisp. Twisp had the lowest accident rate in the state of 1.09, or 1 collision last year for its 919 residents. Tukwila has the highest accident rate in the state of 73.01, or 1,395 collisions for its 19,107 residents (the highest number of collisions for any Washington city with a population under 60,000). No doubt they blame the I-5 and 405 for that.
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