My Clients Are Not Statistics

Frequently, I’ll have a conversation with an adjuster that goes like this: Adjuster: We’re offering to settle for medical expenses plus $1,000 in general damages.Me: My client can’t accept $1,000 in general damages as full compensation. She is still in pain more than a year after the car collision. What Read more…

Musings of a Legal Intern

About 7 months ago, I was a semester away from graduation in a field of study that Forbes ranked as this year’s ninth worst college major: history. Since then, I registered for and took the February LSAT, submitted applications and essays to several law schools, finished a rigorous final semester course load, graduated, accepted my admittance to the University of South Carolina School of Law, and began working as an intern at Anderson Law.

Perhaps I am a bit biased in my opinion….

March Madness and Funny Commercials

I was watching March Madness over the weekend and saw some great basketball and some hilarious commercials. As usual, the beverage and insurance companies came up with some creative ways to combine their products with the basketball tournament. Several insurance companies showed how quickly they would pay benefits and make Read more…