Washington’s Insurance Fair Conduct Act (2007)

So far this year, Anderson Law has represented nine clients who have filed complaints under Washington's Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA) for automobile or personal injury claims. Five of them have been against State Farm Insurance, two against USAA, and one each against Travelers and First National insurance companies. Because of the legal remedies allowed under the IFCA, including treble damages and attorneys' fees, these types of claims are often resolved within months of filing suit.

Do you know your insurer? (State Farm edition)

If you live in Washington State, chances are you, or someone you know, is insured by State Farm. According to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, State Farm is the largest automobile insurer in the state. In 2013, they received approximately 14% ($555,000,000) of all Washington auto premiums, nearly double the second largest insurer. So, they are the biggest, but are they the best in customer satisfaction?

Will I be working with an attorney or a paralegal?

Paralegals, legal assistants, and other office staff have different duties at Anderson Law and are more than likely working with and assisting your attorney on your claim or matter. On numerous occasions, I’ve heard directly from our clients, questions such as, why am I talking to a legal assistant instead of my attorney? I am here to provide you with some information that I truly hope will enlighten your perception to any legal staff members working alongside an attorney.