Why I Didn’t Send a Postcard

Sirens. Ambulance. Hospital. Postcard advertising injury-related services. One of these is not like the other. In the past couple of weeks, I have followed a debate among personal injury attorneys throughout Washington who would like to address what the majority, including Anderson Law, considers to be inappropriate marketing: direct solicitation Read more…

Negotiating Can Be Tricky

Have you ever regretted saying something, even though you didn’t intend to offend? In personal injury claims, it seems that barbs are traded on an all-too-regular basis. Even though it’s usually by the insurance defense, since adjusters and attorneys for insurance company don’t seem to have much to lose, unlike my clients who have often had their lives turned upside down, I have to admit I’ve occasionally fallen into the fray. This is my account of one of those (very tame) times.

Minimum Insurance Coverage

One of the most tragic issues we face at Anderson Law is seeking recovery for serious injury or death of an individual who was either uninsured or didn’t have enough insurance coverage. Often, this is the case with people who don’t drive. Sometimes these people are injured as passengers in a relative’s car. In other recent cases in Kennewick, they have been injured as pedestrians.