Would you settle for $100?

It's sitting on my desk. A check for $100. Written out to my client John* two weeks after he was knocked off of his motorcycle by a driver who wasn't watching where he was going. Before I represented John, the insurance company called him and asked how he was doing. "Okay, I guess. My knee's a little stiff." They offered to pay him $100 to settle his claim.


Beyond Political Persuasion

Among friends, small talk often revolves around the fascinating life of a plaintiff's attorney. And it's not just because I am directing the conversation. Really, many of my friends think plaintiffs' work is very intriguing and ask me questions about what it's like to be a plaintiff's attorney. Often, the conversation turns to politics...

Open Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,                                                                               

Now that you have another four years to lead this country, let’s have an honest dialogue and start by calling it for what it is. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich. The opposite of Robin Hood. Social Security.