Put Down Your Oatmeal and Drive

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was riding to school in the 1980’s with a man, who, for purposes of this post, I will call my dad. He was steering the car with his knee while shaving and eating oatmeal out of a mug. It was magical multitasking, before the word became part of our everyday vernacular. To this day I wonder how he was so talented. And why he has never been in an accident.

Fast forward to a future where road signs and public campaigns encourage us to avoid specific distractions like texting while driving...

Is Your Car Impossible to Steal?

It's a warm summer evening in mid-July. After an eventful Saturday, and with church meetings and grandchildren to attend to the following day, an elderly couple turn in early for the night. (I’ll call them Grandpa and Grandma.) Luckily, Grandpa and Grandma didn't have to worry about their car being stolen because it had a transponder key, unlike the key pictured below.



Musings of a Legal Intern

About 7 months ago, I was a semester away from graduation in a field of study that Forbes ranked as this year's ninth worst college major: history. Since then, I registered for and took the February LSAT, submitted applications and essays to several law schools, finished a rigorous final semester course load, graduated, accepted my admittance to the University of South Carolina School of Law, and began working as an intern at Anderson Law.

Perhaps I am a bit biased in my opinion....

March Madness and Funny Commercials

I was watching March Madness over the weekend and saw some great basketball and some hilarious commercials.

As usual, the beverage and insurance companies came up with some creative ways to combine their products with the basketball tournament. Several insurance companies showed how quickly they would pay benefits and make things right when some of their customers managed to get into a lot of trouble.

At first thought I thought about how clever and funny the commercials were.

Would you settle for $100?

It's sitting on my desk. A check for $100. Written out to my client John* two weeks after he was knocked off of his motorcycle by a driver who wasn't watching where he was going. Before I represented John, the insurance company called him and asked how he was doing. "Okay, I guess. My knee's a little stiff." They offered to pay him $100 to settle his claim.


Beyond Political Persuasion

Among friends, small talk often revolves around the fascinating life of a plaintiff's attorney. And it's not just because I am directing the conversation. Really, many of my friends think plaintiffs' work is very intriguing and ask me questions about what it's like to be a plaintiff's attorney. Often, the conversation turns to politics...